Create your Link-in-Bio on

Surprise, can build your Link-in-Bio pages on! Ditch other applications like LinkTree and create your Link-in-Bio page on

Here are some advantages of doing that:

1) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating your Link-in-Bio page on another application, means you're driving traffic to another domain and not yours.

Having your Link-in-Bio page on your domain means there's more traffic to your domain, thereby gaining more credibility from search engines. Your SEO is therefore further increased.

2) Save time and money

Save time trying to log into another application and remember yet another username and password. For some bio link platforms, you may need to pay extra to remove their branding and get traffic tracking of pages created on their platforms.

By creating your Link-in-Bio page on, you, therefore, save time and money, as you're already subscribed to a plan. Use it!

3) Promote your brand not others

You have so much flexibility in the design and build of your Link-in-Bio page on You can include your brand colors and look and feel, thereby promoting your brand and not others.

You can include Opt-ins, videos, images, carousels, FAQs etc on your Link-in-Bio page built on, leveraging the various elements of the easy-to-use builder.

4) Track traffic easily

If your Link-in-Bio page is on your domain, you can easily track your traffic using the usual applications e.g. Google Analytics, you should have already set up, to track traffic to your pages.

On Systeme, if your bio page is a funnel page, an advantage you have is that you can see page views in the stats section.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your Link-in-Bio page on!

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